Discover the Benefits of Express Tanning Solutions for Last-Minute Events

Hey everyone! It's Simone from Simone’s Airbrush Tanning. Today, I want to introduce you to my amazing rapid tanning solution, perfect for those last-minute events. Check out my beautiful client Donna here, modeling her fresh new tan which she wanted to get for her dance competition.  Donna used my express tanning solution since she called me last minute. My express solution is designed for those times when you need a gorgeous tan on short notice. With this rapid solution, you only need to keep it on for 2-3 hours before rinsing off. It's important to remember that while you [...]

How Long Does an Airbrush Tan Last?

When it comes to getting a beautiful, sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays, airbrush tanning is the perfect solution. But one common question clients often ask is, "How long does an airbrush tan last?" The answer can vary, but let's dive into the factors that can influence the longevity of your tan, especially when you choose an experienced spray tanner in Los Angeles, like me. Average Longevity of an Airbrush Tan Most airbrush tans typically last between 5-7 days. However, the duration can significantly depend on the skill and technique of the spray tanner and also [...]

Discover the Magic of Airbrush Tanning with Simone

Hello Sun-kissed Enthusiasts! ☀️🌟 I’m Simone, the powerhouse behind Simone’s Airbrush Tanning and the prestigious Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy in Los Angeles! Whether you’re new to my airbrush tanning business or a familiar face, I’m excited to share more about the magic of spray tanning and how it can transform your look and boost your confidence. Why Choose Airbrush Tanning? Airbrush tanning is the secret to an instant confidence boost! With my expert application, you can achieve a natural, sun-kissed tan without the harmful effects of UV exposure. Say goodbye to streaks and orange tones—my airbrush tanning technique ensures [...]

Why You Should Try Spray Tanning Before Going On Vacation

A spray tan before your vacation isn’t just about glowing skin—it’s about starting your holiday with confidence! Here’s why you should consider a spray tan at Simone’s Airbrush Tanning before you hit the road: 🌟 Instant Confidence Boost - Step off the plane radiating confidence with a perfect, even tan that makes you feel as good as you look. 🌟 Picture-Perfect Moments - From the beach to the city streets, look stunning in every photo with a beautiful bronzed tan that enhances your features and your outfits. 🌟 No Sun Damage - Why wait for the sun when you [...]

Spray Tanning During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Are You Thinking About a Spray Tan During Pregnancy? You’re Not Alone — This Is One of the Most Frequently Asked Questions! Hello, lovely mamas-to-be! Curious about achieving that perfect glow while ensuring everything is safe during your pregnancy? Let’s explore some essential safety information and benefits of spray tanning for expectant mothers! Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant? Absolutely! A golden glow can boost your mood and self-confidence as you navigate these beautiful months. Safe Tanning Practices 🌿 Always Consult Your Doctor First: Before scheduling your spray tan, talk with your healthcare provider. While spray tanning is generally [...]

Merry Christmas from Simone’s Airbrush Tanning

As this year comes to an end, I wanted to express my thankfulness to you for visiting me and trusting me with your spray tan. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and prosperity throughout the New Year. If you still need a quick pick-me-up holiday glow before Christmas or New Year, you can reach out to me by calling or texting me at 818-674-9621. Simone Here is a quick holiday video I did:

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