Are You Thinking About a Spray Tan During Pregnancy? You’re Not Alone — This Is One of the Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Hello, lovely mamas-to-be!

Curious about achieving that perfect glow while ensuring everything is safe during your pregnancy? Let’s explore some essential safety information and benefits of spray tanning for expectant mothers!

Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant?

Absolutely! A golden glow can boost your mood and self-confidence as you navigate these beautiful months.

Safe Tanning Practices 🌿

Always Consult Your Doctor First:

Before scheduling your spray tan, talk with your healthcare provider. While spray tanning is generally safe, it’s always best to get a professional opinion, especially during your first trimester.

Why Choose Simone’s Airbrush Tanning in Studio City/Valley Village? 💖

Natural and Safe Ingredients:

At Simone’s Airbrush Tanning, I use pregnancy-safe spray tanning solutions that are free from non-drying alcohols, fragrances, and parabens. These solutions are designed to be gentle on your skin and safe for your baby.

Top-Notch Ventilation and Purification:

My spray tan salon is equipped with advanced air purification and ventilation systems to ensure a clean and safe environment for all clients.

Comprehensive Protective Gear:

I provide protective supplies such as hairnets, cotton for the ears, chapstick for your lips, and optional nose filters to prevent inhalation of any mist.

My Promise of Care and Quality 🛡️

With 14+ years of experience in airbrush tanning, I’ve seen many doctors give the thumbs up to spray tans during pregnancy. In rare cases, they recommend not tanning the belly, but otherwise, full-body tans have been widely approved.

Special Care for Every Client 🌸

At Simone’s Airbrush Tanning, every client’s health and comfort are always my top priorities. I am dedicated to providing a relaxing and safe spray tanning experience that enhances your natural beauty during this special time.

📞 Interested? Have additional questions? Feel free to text me at 818-674-9621 or book an appointment here.

Get ready to glow safely and beautifully throughout your pregnancy journey!

P.S. The pregnant woman in the picture is my actual client, beautifully spray tanned by me for her photoshoot. She wanted to capture her pregnancy journey with a radiant glow. She has been my client for almost 10 years now, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of this special moment.