A spray tan before your vacation isn’t just about glowing skin—it’s about starting your holiday with confidence!

Here’s why you should consider a spray tan at Simone’s Airbrush Tanning before you hit the road:

🌟 Instant Confidence Boost – Step off the plane radiating confidence with a perfect, even tan that makes you feel as good as you look.

🌟 Picture-Perfect Moments – From the beach to the city streets, look stunning in every photo with a beautiful bronzed tan that enhances your features and your outfits.

🌟 No Sun Damage – Why wait for the sun when you can get a gorgeous glow without the harmful UV rays? Protect your skin and still shine with a healthy golden tan.

🌟 Even Skin Tone – Minimize the appearance of blemishes, uneven skin tones, and imperfections. It’s like a filter in real life!

🌟 Wear Less Makeup or No Makeup – With your flawless tan, you’ll need less makeup. Enjoy the natural, effortless look and feel amazing from the beach to the bar.

🌟 Vacation Starts Now – Feel like you’re on vacation the moment you get your tan! It’s the perfect kickstart to your relaxing getaway.

💡 Pro Tip to Prolong Your Tan: To keep your glow going strong, moisturize every time you come out of the water. Avoid oils, especially tanning oils, as they can cause your tan to break down and fade faster. Keep your skin hydrated with a quick-drying lotion.

🌞 Enhance Your Tan Naturally – Did you know you can still tan in the natural sun? Sunbathing responsibly with your spray tan can actually deepen and prolong your glow, giving you an even more luscious, lasting tan. Just make sure to use sunscreen so that you don’t burn. This applies only to those individuals who can tan in the natural sun. For the fair skin individuals (who can not tan in the natural sun) it’s best to just stick to spray tanning and moisturize your tan as much as possible to keep the tan as long as possible.

Ready to get your own glow?

Book your appointment at Simone’s Airbrush Tanning and embark on your vacation feeling sun-kissed and spectacular! 🌅✨ I recommend booking 1-2 days before going on your trip. You may text me directly at 818-674-9621 if you have any questions regarding airbrush tanning.  I always respond in between spray tanning clients.

I hope to get a chance to tan you before your next vacation.